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The World’s Most Powerful, Intuitive Statistics Software for  Windows
STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV features
more than 150 statistical procedures for:
• Exploratory data analysis
• Regression and analysis of variance
• Distribution fitting
• Statistical process control
• Design of Experiments
• Six Sigma
• Reliability and life data analysis
• Time series analysis & forecasting
• Multivariate methods
• Nonparametric techniques
STATGRAPHICS Centurion is offered in
two editions:
(1) A Standard Edition
for those who need only
basic statistical capabilities. This includes  
summary statistics, hypothesis testing, simple and
multiple regression, basic one-way and
multifactor analysis of variance, distribution fitting,
and similar topics.

(2) A Professional Edition that adds statistical
process control, design of experiments,
multivariate methods, time series forecasting,
advanced regression modeling, and a new Six
Sigma menu.
SIX Reasons To Select Statgraphic centurion
1 Time is money, especially when it’s
With STATGRAPHICS’ intuitive interface
and dynamic data handling, you’ll cut your
analysis time dramatically.
4 Graphs shouldn’t be an afterthought. In
STATGRAPHICS, graphs are an integral part of
the analysis, used to provide insights that can’t be
gained from tabular displays.
2 Statistics doesn’t need to be a foreign
The StatAdvisor interprets statistical
output in clear, concise terms that won’t leave you
wondering about the signifi cance of your results.
5 Knowledge is power, but only when it’s
The StatReporter makes it easy to copy
results to other applications or to disseminate
results in RTF or HTML format.
3 Most data don’t come from a textbook.
STATGRAPHICS was designed for use outside
the classroom, where data aren’t always normal,
independent, or free from outliers.
6 Achieving Six Sigma quality requires
clarity of vision.
tools to translate data into knowledge and
into a better bottom line.
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